Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Photos

We haven't had a family picture since a year ago.  Sigh.  That is just my life right now.

I took some pictures of my kids, just to have an updated one :).

 photo IMG_5485_zps7c3b46e3.jpg

 photo IMG_5499_zps3622f12e.jpg

 photo IMG_5494_zpsb1d952d3.jpg

 photo IMG_5489_zps2576ed34.jpg

 photo IMG_5488_zps350c37fe.jpg

As you can see, Levi LOVES family pictures  photo IMG_5487_zps304ba207.jpg

 photo IMG_5486_zps3998aaa9.jpg

 photo IMG_5484_zps3b0195cf.jpg

So handsome
   photo IMG_5483_zpse2deae5d.jpg

 photo IMG_5477_zps905af22d.jpg

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