Saturday, December 14, 2013


Luke is one of those kids who is just plain funny. He makes me laugh. He is as stubborn as he is funny (his stubbornness comes from me so I don't mind it much. I get it.)

He is very particular (also an issue I have, haha). He will NOT touch people's bare bellies. If Brett is laying in bed with his shirt off, Luke says, "I'll snuggle you from over here (across the bed)." It's so hilarious!

He still has his bedtime routine that makes me smile:
- tells me about his day
- I tell him a story "from when you was a kid".
- pray
- sing "I Love Your Presence"
...All while I scratch his back

Up until a few weeks ago, he didn't use the word "nothing". Instead he would say "anything".
Luke, what do you want for dinner?
In a mad voice, "ANYTHING!"

He is into death right now and once asked me what I thought his next mom would be like when I die.

And he asks for bedtime stories about me bleeding or dying.

Hopefully this stage will pass quickly :).

Luke seems to be an introvert. At a fun birthday party recently, he asked, "Can we leave? All of these kids smell bad."
He never likes to stay at a party long. That's from his dad, not me :).

I love my sweet Pookers.

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  1. Best line ever...." at bedtime he asks for bedtime stories about me bleeding or dying" LOL He's all boy and a cutie!


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