Monday, December 30, 2013

Monthly Photos

When my kids are 1-12 months, I take pictures of them each month.  I did this for all four kids.

On Levi's first birthday (and last monthly photo shoot), Chloe set up a photo shoot for her dolls.  How precious!

She took about 100.  These are the highlights.

 photo IMG_5308_zps268baf77.jpg

 photo IMG_5307_zpsad6c7491.jpg

 photo IMG_5304_zpsbeb44336.jpg

 photo IMG_5290_zpsc7350b48.jpg

 photo IMG_5288_zpsb4df68d1.jpg

 photo IMG_5272_zpsce9b718a.jpg

 photo IMG_5261_zps7b46c2b8.jpg

 photo IMG_5257_zps12b59693.jpg

 photo IMG_5268_zps9e50dfc3.jpg

 photo IMG_5265_zps0a2444f9.jpg

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