Monday, December 30, 2013

Update and Closing Out 2013

In catching up on my photos from the last seven months, it is an accurate metaphor of my life in the last seven months.  We opened our business on June 1, and it has been a whirlwind.

Our business is going well.  We are LOVING it.  The members have become our people.  They are our best friends....have become our family.....we just love them.  Obviously, with any new business, there is a need for growth, but I am confident God will grow it.  I am enjoying getting in shape.  After years of living in the child bearing and baby phases, it feels very good to feel alive again.
(A brief sidenote: I still very done having kids, but I definitely don't feel like our family is finished.  I do not believe the time is here to pray about the next step, but I am interested to see what the future holds.)

I still have about 20 pounds to lose from these precious four kids.  But I am focusing on being healthy, not a certain weight.  And working out on a regular basis has been so good for me.

You know from my blog updates that my kids are doing well.  I absolutely love being a mama of four.  They are THE BEST, and my days are so full and fun.  I am finding, as they get older, I have fewer really awful days and am just enjoying them more.  I definitely still have bad days, but being out of the baby fog is a different feeling that I like very much.

Homeschool is going well.  I still have a lot of insecure moments, but we are finding a good groove.  Caleb is reading well, and Chloe is picking up reading quickly.  Caleb excels at math, and Chloe does well, too.  Luke sometimes sits with us and does his school work (random books I have).
We are in a good rhythm, but I still never feel like we are doing enough.  I am not sure when I will get over this.  Untraining my public school mind has been a challenge.  My kids are at their appropriate grade level and are learning so much, so this mindset is not's just a lie I struggle with.

Brett and I have been married for almost 9 years.  He's the easiest person ever to be married to, and I can't believe I get to do this life with him.  He makes me laugh all of the time.  He's such a good man, and I love our life together.

2013 has been such a wonderful, hard, busy, fun, exciting year for us.  We have the best friends and family in the whole world.  I am so overwhelmed with God's goodness.  He is so kind to us.

I am excited for see what God has in store.....He never ceases to surprise us!!

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