Thursday, January 9, 2014


Chloe is seriously hilarious.

A few stories...

Tonight I was telling Caleb how Brett and I talk about him (I forget the context). Chloe interrupted, "But you talk about me the most right?"

Tonight Caleb and Chloe were Skype-ing (Skyping?) with their cousin.

An hour after Levi went to bed, Chloe got him out of his crib just to show him off to her cousin.

Levi looked as shocked as Brett and I.

I don't even want to picture how she gets him out, considering she's shorter than the crib.

Some things are better left unknown.

She gets him out a lot. Every time I saw to stop and she doesn't.
Tonight I said "seriously stop".
She replied "it's just so funny."

When she's mad, she runs away with perfectly stiff cheerleader arms. Haha!

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