Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am so behind on my blog.
I am so behind on life.  I am barely afloat at the moment.  But I do have a clean/organized garage/attic/master bedroom.  (Nevermind my children's rooms that are resembling Hoarders).  I majorly Spring cleaned this past weekend (well, organized....not much cleaning).  And I did get our business taxes done.  Woo.
I need to take Caleb and Luke's birthday pictures.
I need to write Caleb's birthday blog.

We've been out of town a lot recently.  Our life is weird.  We will go months without leaving, then we will have multiple trips in a row.

Our niece/cousin celebrated her 2nd birthday.  We went to central FL for that.  While there, we took advantage of Legoland's great homeschool deal.  I will do a separate blog post for that because it was awesome.

The next weekend, Brett's grandma celebrated her 80th birthday!  We drove to Vero Beach for that.  We got home that night just in time to go see the Harlem Globetrotters play (such an awesome experience for my kids).

The very next day, I left with my kids (without Brett) to go to the Keys with my parents and little sister for a few days.  A great time!

Whew, a whirlwind few weeks.  Oh, I was sick for ALL of it.  I am thinking it may have actually been allergies, but I've literally never have had them before.  No one else got sick, though, so it had to be that.  And it lasted over 2 weeks.

So, yeah, life is crazy.  I hope to dedicate tomorrow and the next day to catching up on all of life (including this blog).  Of course, that's in the midst of daily life with school, kids, husband, eating, etc.

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