Monday, March 24, 2014


I love my family.  So so much.  Our ordinary days are so super fun.

My sweet Levi.
 photo IMG_2199_zps8d043fe3.jpg

Chloe has fake glasses. She pretends likes she is blind when she doesn't have them on. It is beyond precious.  photo 20140321_131625_zps67aa60e8.jpg

Watching the CrossFit Open  photo 20140320_201109_zps67fcbb73.jpg

 photo 20140320_201018_zps4aab5fed.jpg

 photo 20140319_114715_zps4198ac5c.jpg

 I mean. COME ON! The cuteness.
  photo 20140319_085959_zpsf51198e5.jpg

 photo 20140317_201151_zps61b0d7f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2168_zps05cd7a6f.jpg

 photo IMG_2163_zpsee4927ab.jpg

 photo IMG_2161_zps86a31789.jpg

 photo 20140312_220832_zpsc7182a76.jpg

 photo 20140311_132118_zps4546320b.jpg

 photo 20140311_123414_zps3fa08934.jpg

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