Monday, March 24, 2014


For Caleb's birthday, we surprised our kids by taking them to Legoland.
We were in central FL for our niece's birthday, so we decided to have a fun family day.

We stayed in a hotel in Orlando because we never stay in them.  It is a huge novelty to our kids, so to celebrate our first born, we decided to stay.  It was super fun.  We stayed at an Embassy Suites (because, hello, free breakfast....which saves us $40).  We swam at night, and they played a Disney movie on the side of the hotel.  Our kids were in heaven.

The next day, we pretended like we were driving home......and then surprised the kids with Legoland!!

Caleb was the only one who believed us.  Chloe said, "I will believe it when I see it!"

We had the MOST FUN day at Legoland.  This season of our life is insane and busy, so to have time away together was so wonderful.

 photo 20140303_145159_zps19767c45.jpg

 photo 20140303_160837_zpsd57e62de.jpg

 photo 20140303_160319_zpscf8281cd.jpg

 photo 20140303_155708_zps9f554d42.jpg

 photo 20140303_153243_zps3e122f92.jpg

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 photo 20140303_143203_zps4e47190f.jpg

 photo 20140303_143119_zpsc5a0d440.jpg

 photo 20140303_142212_zpse4adddd9.jpg

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 photo IMG_2129_zps9eaddccc.jpg

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 photo IMG_2112_zpsa69ddaa8.jpg

 photo 20140303_102834_zps60524364.jpg

The hotel
 photo 20140303_090055_zpse65f0489.jpg

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