Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A conversation in the car today.

It started with Caleb and Chloe arguing who is the boss of our family.

Caleb: Mom is the boss.  Her name is Boss Lady, you know (that is what Brett calls me).

Chloe: No, her name is NOT Boss Lady.

They argue back and forth, finally Caleb asks me if that's my which I reply, "That's what Daddy calls me."

Chloe, snarkily: Well I was wrong.  But that is the last time in my entire life I will be wrong.

At the dentist this week, the dentist was counting Luke's teeth.  
Luke told him (totally straight faced):  
"I was jumping on the trampoline by myself.  I fell, and my tooth came out."

The dentist asked to see this tooth.

Without skipping a beat, Luke said, "Oh, it already grew back.  It's magic."

We all about fell out laughing.   

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