Thursday, May 15, 2014

CrossFit Regionals

Our business partner/BFF/faux brother, Brannen, competed at CrossFit Regionals this year.  Though he did not do as well as he would have liked, we're so proud of him!!  And it was so much fun getting to watch him compete.  He still awesomely well....given that the workouts are the worst ever!!

Rosa, Taylor, and I went together.  So while Brett was there, we didn't actually stay together.

The "we just arrived" selfie:

 photo IMG_20140508_215236_zpstokxzn2e.jpg

 photo 20140509_105212_zps1sh4oapi.jpg

 photo 20140509_105554_zps2ydjlcks.jpg

 photo IMG_7796_zpsdyjngt9p.jpg

Brannen is as close as a brother to me, but we don't any pictures together. Also, it's an inside joke that he did not make our family's yearly album last year....because we see him SO much, it's hard to believe he didn' this was being funny about that fact.  photo 20140509_130628_zpsh181w3pl.jpg

 photo 2014-05-09 18.32.00_zpsknpcxnes.jpg

Brett did something inappropriate in this picture, so I was running typical :)  photo 20140509_132545_zpsbiwtlzst.jpg

Brett and my girls  photo imagejpeg_0_zpse6frafmx.jpg

This was on the CrossFit Facebook page:  photo IMG_23876992292416_zps2lwtbakc.jpeg Brannen is in red

 photo 20140511_123128_zpsc5qrcb87.jpg

 photo 20140511_124525_zpss41fvwdy.jpg

 photo 20140511_161202_zpsli1tjfe2.jpg

 photo 20140510_165314_zpsqoxo5g1k.jpg

Brett's old teammate Jordan used to prank him while they were on the road for football. Brett did this to our room (I knew, but the girls were in the lobby)  photo 20140510_231801_zpsiegllac8.jpg

Go Brannen!!!  We are SO proud of you!
 photo 20140511_173915_zpsu1o4oyqh.jpg

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