Thursday, May 15, 2014

Things They Say

Chloe does not use the helping verb "has" when it is necessary, so sometimes her sentences make me laugh.

"Luke been bothering me all day."
"It been raining the whole morning."

I am not sure why, but it makes me smile everytime.
Chloe has always had very advanced language and never any speech issues (unlike my boys, who do/did) I probably think it's so cute because it's the only language issue she's had (that I can remember).

Luke almost always starts conversations with, "Mommy, can I tell you something?" before launching into any story.
He also told Brett's mom he is allergic to peanut butter so he wouldn't have to eat a PB&J (fun fact: none of my kids like peanut butter.  It is probably my most favorite food.)

Levi isn't talking yet.  He can only say "mama".  But he screams to get his way :).

Caleb is starting to develop Brett's quick wit and sarcasm.  It is SO hilarious (though not always appropriate, so we have to correct him sometimes).
Recently, Brett and I were singing the Frozen soundtrack really loudly in the car.  Our kids get SO embarrassed of us (even though no one can hear).  Caleb yells out, "One time my mom fell in front of two men and showed her panties!"
(This did front of Brett and his best embarrassing!)
Brett and I laughed SOOOOOO hard.

We laugh constantly in this house.  Our kids are so hilarious, mostly when they're not trying to be :).

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