Thursday, June 19, 2014

Faith Like A Child

A cool story happened this week, and I want to record it on my case it actually comes to fruition.  It will be neat to see how God orchestrates it all.

About a week ago, I was reading Rhinestone Jesus (which I highly recommend), and the author talked about "dreamstorming" with God.  I've been in a weird life tension lately (another blog for another day, but basically feeling like God is about to bring some change to my life but I don't know exactly what).  The idea of dreamstorming---writing out all of your heart's desires and dreams---struck a chord.  God gives us dreams for a purpose, so I think that writing out those dreams can be very helpful.

One of the dreams I wrote down is that I really would like a 5th child.  Because of miserable pregnancies and four c-sections, I would realllllly prefer not to have another baby (though God hasn't given me peace to totally shut that door, the idea of pregnancy and another c-section is hard for me to grasp).  BUT, I really feel like we are supposed to have five kids.

I've not really explored the idea of adoption past letting God know I am open to it.  That's just not the phase of life we're in.  With our business, family, homeschooling, etc, my plate is more than full.  However, more than any other dream, this one resonated in my heart the most.  I guess I could say I felt peace to start praying about adoption.

Fast forward to last night.  As I was tucking Chloe in for bed, she said, "I really want a baby sister."  I shared how I'm done having kids, so if she wants a baby sister to ask God to show us if we're to adopt a child.  (She specifically wants a sister, because, as she puts it, "there are enough boys in this house").

She prayed and asked God for a baby sister who has "black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin".

All day today, Chloe has dreamed of her new sister.  She's brainstormed names, even trying to come up with a nickname.  She tells me she wants to care for her and do all of the work herself.  She tells me I can teach her how to take care of a baby, but she wants to be in charge of her sister.  Chloe went through the house and collected anything that her baby sister might need (blankets, stuffed animals, etc).

My girl has prayed no less than 10 times for God to bring her a sister, whose name at the moment is Flora :).

Earlier this afternoon, Chloe asked if she could look on the computer to find her sister (I had to explain that's not quite how it works).  She looked at pictures of babies, and after scrolling through hundreds, Chloe asked to print off the picture above because it looks the most like what her sister will look like.

I went out to dinner with a friend tonight, and when I came home, Chloe ran up to me, "God said YES!  He said YES!"

Chloe said she prayed again for a sister, and God told her yes.  She even added, "He said 'yes, in two months.'"

Childlike faith is the most beautiful.  I do not doubt God spoke to my sweet girl.  Though I don't know what the future holds, as I said, I wanted to record the day we had today.....on the slight chance it comes to fruition the way she dreams!!  I would love a sweet little baby girl.  So we will see what God has in store!!

No matter if it's 2 months or 10 years, I do feel like this is the route we will eventually take. At this point, the baby would literally have to show up on our doorstep because we aren't actively pursuing any options.  God knows, so I trust Him.

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