Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Photos

Our sweet friend, Mariana Rodriguez, took family pictures for us.
As our family of 6, we've never had real pictures taken before, so I was SO excited!!!
Our little boys were not cooperating at all, so I am so impressed she managed to get any good picks....much less awesome ones!!

This is the "must have" picture....I have a picture like this from each stage of life! photo 4F3A2831_zps274566f9.jpg

Oh, my MEN!! I LOVE this picture!!!!
  photo 4F3A2845_zps087ebcb5.jpg

 photo 4F3A2849-2_zpsbca44654.jpg

Daddy and his precious girl
 photo 4F3A2843_zpsdca7ed56.jpeg

Disregard my double chin :) My sweet girlie and me  photo 4F3A2856-3_zps5ed55628.jpg

 photo 4F3A2904-2_zps3e6a43c5.jpg

 photo 4F3A2909_zpsbb1d43f2.jpg

My oldest and youngest
 photo 4F3A2925_zps827f2abe.jpg

 photo 4F3A2940_zps9065803c.jpg

This looks like a magazine ad:
 photo 4F3A2941_zpsdb7e4571.jpg

 photo 4F3A2942_zps71e574f1.jpg

Brett made them all laugh....
 photo 4F3A2944_zps23dba7ee.jpg

 photo 4F3A2951-2_zpsc7e7395e.jpg

 photo 4F3A2951_zpsb6570b15.jpg

 photo 4F3A2956_zps1927cc2b.jpg

 photo 4F3A3008_zps63a52787.jpg

 photo 4F3A3020_zps328e40e9.jpg

 photo 4F3A2972_zps2884e3cc.jpg

 photo 4F3A2977_zpsae71ed0f.jpg

 photo 4F3A3002_zpsa4562d5c.jpg

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