Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh, Luke

Luke is hilarious.  Like SO SO SO hilarious.
Without trying to be.
I cannot even get over how precious and funny he is.  It's just so cute.  Had he been my first born, I would have worried myself sick over his behavior.....but now it's pure entertainment (mixed with some infuriating situations).

True story:

Last week, he would not eat his breakfast.

Would you like to know why???

It's because it passed in front of his sister, and, in his words, he can't eat food that passed in front of anyone.  Yes, I said PASSED.  She did not touch it or look at it.  And he literally did not eat until lunch.

Luke has a hard time saying nice words.  He definitely plays the role of mischief to get attention in our family (even though we give him lots).  
I told him, "In our family, we say Jesus words that are kind, encouraging, and true.  We love God and say nice words."
("Jesus words" is an easy phrase for them to remember).  
So matter of factly, he replied, "I don't even KNOW God."

Which is accurate.  He has not yet chosen to follow Christ, and therefore, he truly doesn't know Him.
The fact that he knows that is impressive.  

Everyday, this kid makes me laugh with his silly, funny antics!  

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