Sunday, August 31, 2014


Recently, we went to the beach with friends!  It was such a beautiful day.
We even saw a sea turtle hatch and make its way to the ocean.....which was really awesome.

We love Rosa!!  
 photo IMG_20140823_193028_zps4v8ayla0.jpg

 photo 20140823_185119_zpszptv6b9w.jpg

 photo 20140823_185202_zpsseemoltp.jpg

 photo 20140823_185247_zpsqgjetr8n.jpg

 photo 20140823_193207_zpslmqfcv51.jpg

 photo 20140823_193209_zpsimw8u538.jpg

 photo 20140823_193419_zpsofwllkfx.jpg

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