Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chloe's Baptism

Chloe made the decision to follow Jesus on February 8, 2013 (my birthday), and she got baptized on August 30, 2014.
We are beyond grateful for Jesus moving in our kids' hearts from a young age, and Brett getting to baptize her was beyond awesome.

She was SO nervous to be in front of people and acted kinda goofy.  But that's what makes Chloe, Chloe, so it was fitting :).

The water was a little cold
 photo IMG_7627_zpscd41f460.jpg

 photo IMG_7629_zpsa545d0f6.jpg

Talking with Chloe about her decision to get baptized (or as she calls it, babatized)  photo IMG_7631_zps0da355a6.jpg

 photo IMG_7633_zps29739b1b.jpg

 photo IMG_7634_zpsdaf16335.jpg

 photo IMG_7635_zps3e49357c.jpg

 photo IMG_7636_zps88485a93.jpg

 photo IMG_7637_zpsc5434524.jpg

Praying for her afterward
 photo IMG_7639_zps61cd5adc.jpg

Our church crew
 photo IMG_7640_zps4270d8f3.jpg

 photo IMG_7641_zpsf5be6bac.jpg

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