Monday, August 18, 2014

Chloe's Spring Party

Chloe is a dreamer/entrepreneur.  Last Spring (yes, I am that far behind on blogging), she hosted a Spring Party. She planned it for months.  We were out of town right before the actual party, so unfortunately, we were unable to do as much as she planned....but it was still super fun!!  She is so precious, and I love how she is constantly dreaming!

I didn't take many pictures :(.

The Spring Party was also Levi's birthday!!  We combined the two :).  He was happy!!  photo 20140606_131955_zpsxiouuxpb.jpg

 photo 20140606_132000_zpsv5mz261m.jpg

 photo 20140606_132015_zpsz7hu49nw.jpg

 photo 20140606_135256_zpstvthhluv.jpg

 photo 20140606_135308_zps7uz9gqsw.jpg

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