Sunday, August 31, 2014


Last weekend, our family went on an adventure to Jonathan Dickinson State Park.  It's been far too long since we've been out of the city limits, so I thought it would be fun.

We had an absolute blast!!  The only downsides: no one slept very well and it was HOT.  Besides that, it was such a great time.

We rented an air-conditioned cabin with a bathroom, kitchen, and beds.  So it was definitely glamping (glamourous camping).  It's about the extent of what our family can handle, though.  I liked that it is SO much cheaper than a hotel, and we were out in the wilderness without dying from heat.

Brett and I looked at each other so many times and said, "This is so fun."  We will definitely do it again!!

Our city kids had a difficult time with attitudes at the beginning of the day (it was HOT), but they eventually adjusted!

We went geocaching and found our first geocaches!  We think geocaching is a blast.  I am the WORST at spotting the cache, but Brett is really good at it (not surprisingly).
 photo IMG_2747_zpspynt1frh.jpg

 photo IMG_2745_zpshoblrjp4.jpg

 photo 20140824_115027_zpsmxqrkpmw.jpg

 photo 20140824_115039_zpsyocuy8wk.jpg

Chloe, before adjusting to the outdoors :)
 photo 20140824_115046_zpsutgz3xvj.jpg

Caleb loved it! He was a good sport the whole time.
 photo 20140824_115057_zpsqb1sljla.jpg

On a boat ride.  Levi looked SO old.
 photo 20140824_131623_zpskcpqvivy.jpg

 photo 20140824_131850_zpskebai4lu.jpg

On the boat
 photo 20140824_131904_zpsc3klwspp.jpg

We went to Trapper Nelson's secluded homestead.  He hand built the entire homestead, and it was incredible.  The tour of the area was super cool, and it's fascinating to hear how about his life.
 photo 20140824_135032_zpsts3sjdul.jpg

 photo 20140824_135128_zpsdagrdcp6.jpg

 photo 20140824_135736_zpspkxn5rte.jpg

 photo 20140824_135853_zpslumjqn0z.jpg

 photo 20140824_140131_zpslxgxvnap.jpg

S'mores time!!
   photo 20140824_183350_zpsjueuw5xa.jpg

Brett, proud of his fire!
 photo 20140824_184925_zpsc4ky6322.jpg

Walking up to the highest point in South Florida (which isn't saying much).  It was SO neat.
 photo 20140824_191337_zpssbkn1fun.jpg

   photo 20140824_191401_zpsmafjvglp.jpg

The lookout tower
   photo 20140824_191610_zps3dgkc5nn.jpg

 photo 20140824_191912_zpsfceqj20m.jpg

 photo 20140824_191921_zpsyjlsge7t.jpg

  photo 20140824_191945_zpshevy1xs2.jpg

The best part of camping.
 photo IMG_20140824_230113_zpsd9mz6iya.jpg

Our little cabin!
 photo IMG_2755_zps8h9lqx3a.jpg

 photo IMG_2752_zpsxxl5pwzv.jpg

 photo IMG_2749_zpsv3che4wf.jpg

This is a trip we will definitely do again!!

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