Monday, August 18, 2014

Phone Photos

A barrage of photos from my phone.....wayyyyyy over due update!!

 photo 20140605_114942_zpshxtrwsyo.jpg

 photo 2014-05-29 09.33.31_zpseas1g8cj.png

 photo IMG_20140528_173540_zpsd7s0bxza.jpg

Brannen is our business partner and one of our most favorite friends. He is so great to our kids!
 photo 20140527_100134_zpsb9qon6hx.jpg

 Swimming with my baby
 photo IMG_20140526_225534_zpsur28zgy3.jpg

Caleb's homemade rocket. This was the summer of purge, so the kids got creative!  photo IMG_20140522_125827_zps7pwdqr6c.jpg

Chloe showing me her love for horses and trying to convince me to buy one (it has since changed to dogs).
 photo IMG_20140521_130715_zpstk89o21i.jpg

I mean, come on, how cute is this kid!  photo IMG_20140521_102951_zpsx7t0lkke.jpg

Luke has the spiritual gift of cute sleep!  photo 20140521_002332_zpstwkd629o.jpg

Photobombing his sleep!
 photo IMG_20140521_002419_zpsiybwlwlt.jpg

 photo 20140520_160052_zps4haezt7u.jpg

Fake sleeping
 photo 20140520_125741_zps6soaxloy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140519_124948_zpszgxwyjnp.jpg

 photo 20140518_215524_zpsf5qsgtqo.jpg

 CrossFit kid
 photo IMG_20140516_130805_zpsmciittw5.jpg

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