Friday, September 19, 2014

31 Day Challenge

I am considering participating in The Nester's 31 Day Writing Challenge....on Family Life....for the month of October.  

The challenge is the write for 31 days straight.  If you notice, it's hard for me to write much at all these days.  The sole reason for my blog has always been to chronicle my family's life.  My older kids and I love to re-read through my blog (I print it out at each year)....and laugh about things they did and said....that I have long forgotten about.

I do not consider myself a writer.  I consider myself someone who occasionally gets an idea for a blog that I feel needs to be said (or just to make people laugh....because we could all use more humor in our lives).  So to write for 31 days straight will be a bit of a stretch.

Family Life is my passion.  I am very thankful for bloggers and all of the amazing things I've learned over the years.  The blogging platform is really cool, and I love it for many reasons.  But I've never felt like a large blogging platform is my place in this world (nor is anyone asking for it to be).

I am an extreme extrovert.  I like people around all the time.  Just yesterday, Brett took all four kids to football/cheer practice while I got ready for a girls night. The was SO QUIET while I was getting ready that I had to turn on Netflix (on my phone) while in the bathroom because the quiet was.....too quiet.

Because of this extrovert issue I have, the time I spend on the computer is used interacting with friends through Faeebook or Twitter (and I am trying to get into Instagram but just can't, for some reason).

The ideas and dreams that burn in my heart, in regards to family life....I prefer to live in my real life context.  I don't prefer to write about them.  This is no offense to bloggers, because, as I have said, my life is infinitely better because of the amazing bloggers out there.  Plus, there are many, many, many people that do it better or say it better (and actually know how to navigate html code)....

For example,
I wrote this post in April 2013.  My friends liked it.  But I have really, really nice friends.  So I could write anything, and they would be kind.
This was written much later and made it on the Huffington Post.  It went viral......and as you can see, written much better.  I have no problem admitting that.
(Although I would be lying if I didn't feel pretty good about myself for coming up with a topic that was later featured on the HuffPost.  But not good enough to consider myself a writer.)

On a sort of side note, my BFF is a writer.  Like, a legit writer.  Who writes every day.  And she's really good at it.  Her whole life goes into her writing.  My contribution to the writing world is watching Twilight and The Hunger Games with her as genre research (I actually love those movies, but I almost ended our friendship when I had to watch Bella drink blood....while dealing with morning sickness....but she was pregnant and barfy, too, so I forgave her).
On a really side note: this same BFF and I had babies one day apart.  Seriously, how funny is that?
When we were pregnant, people would ask us, "Did you plan this?"  
And we were like, "Um, yeah, like middle schoolers plan to match their shirts, we consulted each other on our baby making plans."
Insert eyeroll.
(Even if we wanted to plan it, which we aren't that you know how impossible that would be to execute???)

So, back to my original point, I KNOW what goes into being an actual writer.  And I just am not that.  Unless overposting on Facebook counts (which it doesn't).

This is a really long explanation to say I am CONSIDERING writing about Family Life for 31 days.  I do not know if I have enough ideas to fill 31 days, but I do have enough children that are capable of producing new ideas everyday.

So maybe I will give it a shot.

If I decide to do it (still a strong IF), you can expect my writings to include:
- lots of references to potty talk (there are just so many boys that it's inescapable.  If you have a family full of precious girls, feel free to judge me.  I judge me.)
- lots of complaining about pee (because WHY CAN'T THEY AIM)....see, using potty talk already
- tidbits of things I've learned along this beautifully messy journey (for the 8 and under crowd....I know nothing beyond that)
- ideas to make your days a little easier
- stories about my failings that will make you feel really good about yourself

What I will not include:
- "enjoy every minute because it passes quickly" crap
When my husband is working late, my kids are wild, and I have no clue what to make for dinner.....there is literally nothing enjoyable about that.  Except for the moment when your BFF texts you, offering to sell her children to you, and you're like "I'm not even sure why I have the four I have but nice try."  THAT is a nice moment....because you actually have someone you can share the ugly moments with and feel normal.  

And while I am on my rant....moms who say that, do you enjoy poop?  Because in my eight years of motherhood, there has been SO MUCH POOP in AREAS WHERE POOP SHOULD NOT BE.  I am sorry.  I did not enjoy those moments.  (Again, potty talk.  I warned you.)

I also won't include:
- ideas that work all the time for all people.  My information will be given on a "no obligation" basis.  If it works for you, awesome.  If it doesn't, don't do it.  And feel 0% guilt about that.

So, what I am saying is my writings will be real (for better or worse) and not guilt-inducing things that try to tell you that you aren't enough (because you ARE enough).  The media tells us all the ways we don't measure up, so I hope to be a voice that says the exact opposite of that.  I hope that, in my normal-ness (and probably weirdness), you will find assurance that you're rocking this mom (or dad) thing.

My email is sarahw56 (at) gmail (dot) com.  If there are any areas or ideas you would like me to write about, please email me.  I mean, seriously, PLEASE email me because 31 topics is a lot, so I will probably be out of ideas by day 4.  (If it's a sensitive subject, I will keep your name confident).  Also, if any posts along the way rub you the wrong way, please please please e-mail me....I would never ever want to do that, so I welcome your thoughts (unless they're just mean. I don't have space in my life for mean.)

I guess after an 8 page long blog about maybe blogging, I should probably blog.  I guess I just needed to convince myself to do it.

Welcome to my journey.  If I stop blogging by day 6, it's either because none of emailed me ideas or because life happens....and the blog would be the first thing to go (as evidenced by my blogging history).  But I really do hope to stay strong because I think it could lead to some fun places.

See you in October!

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  1. You should definitely write about your political views and stances and post it all over fb :)


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