Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chloe's Birthday

For Chloe's 7th birthday, she opted not to have a party.  Instead, I took her shopping to buy some toys of her choosing.  We had a blast having a girlie day!!  She loves to give gifts to her friends, but she had a hard time finding toys for herself.

On her actual birthday, she woke up to this.  She crawled out the bottom, so she wouldn't mess it up.  Love her.

 photo IMG_20140910_004310_zpsgjmjwpb2.jpg

 photo 20140910_083057_zpsx1tkkaul.jpg

Chloe requested her gifts be placed at the foot of her bed to have when she woke up (princess much?? LOL).  I obliged.
 photo 20140910_083444_zpsmm9bwyii.jpg

Her gifts are wrapped in Christmas paper.  I am trying to "live on less", so this is the goofy result.  (Also her gifts were awesome finds....a $6 foot bath on clearance and a Melissa and Doug doll house from the thrift store for $8).
 photo 20140910_083141_zpss5o7dbkv.jpg

 photo 20140910_083113_zpsxskqvpne.jpg

Rosa took Chloe out on a fun date for her paint pottery.  Chloe LOVED it!
 photo Chloe_zpstgnxxn3u.jpg

Taylor gave Chloe these puzzles for her birthday.....
 photo 20140912_133503_zps56wvkxds.jpg

....and brought over her dogs for Chloe to play with (Chloe was in HEAVEN).
 photo 20140911_140701_zpsl5vkin47.jpg

 photo 20140911_140330_zps3ec8ifn6.jpg

Rosa and Taylor gave Chloe such well thought out gifts.....she loved both of them so very much!!  We have the best friends!

This is the only picture I have of my day out with Chloe.  It was such a fun day!!
 photo IMG_20140906_170334_zps1xkt9hnk.jpg

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