Thursday, September 25, 2014

Photo Dump

My friend, Ashlie, posted on FB how her dollar store puzzle was missing a piece.
Our puzzle had too many pieces.
It all evens out?
 photo 20140923_131949_zpsy9vfyiav.jpg

Chloe loves selfies.
 photo 20140921_113405_zpsobmo0ppy.jpg

They're so cute!
 photo 20140919_085936_zps6w8hmbve.jpg

At Lynn University
 photo 20140918_113335_zpsm8e1xrfs.jpg

 photo 20140918_111713_zpsg8dbqzop.jpg

 photo 20140918_105336_zpshxdxwkgp.jpg

 photo 20140918_105126_zpsnbmdfi1u.jpg

Playing at the park with friends
 photo IMG_20140917_165931_zpsvtgyhz95.jpg

More selfies (there's like 30)
 photo 20140917_142953_zpsqj3mf0so.jpg

We love RoRo!!
 photo Screenshot_2014-09-16-20-44-06_zpsrjg3py0z.png

Caleb and Chloe made a blanket fort one night (and faked sleep when I came in)
 photo IMG_20140915_230737_zpsh0jwz96u.jpg

Watching football with a 2 year old
 photo IMG_20140913_184401_zps50ymz4hz.jpg

Fun at the park!
 photo 20140912_175930_zpsskuhtpd5.jpg

Eating cake. YUM!
 photo 20140910_090329_zpso2xrwyak.jpg

Chloe and I
 photo IMG_20140908_172618_zpslbjkrkzk.jpg

Seriously, he's so cute.
 photo 20140906_123800_zpsu8xzcb2o.jpg

Snuggling my baby!
 photo IMG_20140901_225545_zpsoglz2iel.jpg

Chloe sleeping so cute
 photo IMG_20140912_010413_zpsxkfsyhkt.jpg

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