Saturday, October 11, 2014

Confessions of an Obsessive Rearranger

Hello, my name is Sarah.  And I am addicted to rearranging furniture.

I don't know....I guess it's because I love change....but I can't handle furniture being in the same spot for long.  Which is why my master bedroom pains me.  Because of the location of windows and doors, there is only one way my furniture can fit....and it's troubling to me....perhaps my biggest first world problem.  

Anytime I deep clean a room (which is more than I care to admit, both because of the degree of my issues and because of how nasty my family is), I rearrange the furniture to get it extra clean.  This is never my intention.  But because it's an addiction, once I slide a couch even slightly out of the way, it must move somewhere else.

I've always been this way.  I remember as young as second grade rearranging the furniture in my room.  ON MY OWN.  Even though I was a gymnast, it wasn't my incredible strength that gave me that ability, but rather, my wicker furniture was lighter than air.  So it was very conducive to an 8 year old moving it around.

In 8th grade, I got new, real wood furniture and it was really hard to move.
This was just one of many great tragedies of 8th grade.
My use (technically, misuse) of make-up tops that list, in case you're wondering.

What I'm saying is: rearranging furniture and I have a long history together.

Which is what my husband loves most about me.  {sarcasm}

To give an example of my "handiwork" (a better name than addiction):

Chloe's room is hard to describe.  Every organizational, tidy, clean genetic part of me was just not at all passed on to her.  Which is great with me because she is so awesome...but it makes for a bedroom that gives me heart palpitations.  I mostly ignore it, but every few weeks, I clean it for her.  She cleans it on occasion, but her definition of clean is that of a creative, precious 7 year old....and not her neurotic 30-something year old mom.  I clean to restore order and throw away the mass amounts of trash that accumulate in her room.

Today was the day to clean.....and naturally, rearrange.

To give you the full picture, so you know I am not exaggerating the mess.

 photo 20141011_155128_zpsaz7pzx2j.jpg
She's pretending to sleep to be funny. I may be crazy but not crazy enough to interrupt a nap.  

 photo 20141011_155135_zps0uuo7zek.jpg

Look at that pretty organizational thing on her door that is EMPTY.
 photo 20141011_155142_zpsxco7hyyu.jpg

There used to be pictures on that wall, but she took them down at some point.
 photo 20141011_155151_zpsy4tgfgur.jpg

 photo 20141011_155209_zpslcuunttb.jpg

I spent about an hour (maybe more?) cleaning out her room and moving it around....then changing around the things on the wall.  Once the furniture moves, the wall decor has to, as well.
 photo 20141011_173214_zps9vmq2jjh.jpg
Yes, she has a gymnastics mat in her room.  She LOVES gymnastics!  

 photo 20141011_173222_zpslulndizf.jpg

 photo 20141011_173227_zpspvzy1yll.jpg

 photo 20141011_173242_zpssyjirjkp.jpg

The door is closed because the hall is filled with the dirty clothes, giveaway toys, and garbage.  The mess ruins the prettiness of the picture :).
 photo 20141011_173314_zpspkfnk5bg.jpg

So tell me:
Do you love to rearrange??  Or is your furniture in the same place as the day you moved into your home??

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