Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6: Post Keys Rambling

I went to the Keys for 5 days with my parents and kids (Brett joined us for the weekend.  He actually surprised me because I didn't think he could come.  It was such a sweet surprise when he walked through the door.)

To say it was refreshing is an understatement.  

The trip started off rough.  In the middle of Miami, my car completely shut off.  Fortunately, something seemed off, as I was driving, so I pulled over (as to avoid getting stuck in the road with my four kids in the car).  My alternator was broken (and had drained the battery).  The cost of the repair was pricey and very unexpected, and since we live on a tight budget, that was not fun at all.  (God is faithful to provide, so I am trust He will.)  

Fortunately, I was meeting my parents for lunch in Miami, so they were nearby and rescued us.  I cannot even explain how awesome my parents are (in so many ways).  I definitely hit the jackpot with amazing parents.  
My alternator problem basically took two entire days to take care of (between getting my car towed, fixed, and picked back up)....and my parents did not once complain or get angry with me.  Furthermore, the warning light had been on for a few days (I ignore stuff like that, like a smart person), and they didn't even question why I hadn't got it checked (my dad says he ignores warning lights too).  
So even though it was an annoying ordeal and a lot of money, their kindness and attitude made is less frustrating.  

Besides that, the trip was sooooooo great.  I definitely needed to get away and recharge.  Vacationing with my parents is great because they're super helpful with my kids.  One of the days, Caleb, Chloe, and I slept in....and they took my little boys out for breakfast.  Things like that are a mom-of-young-kids' dream.  

I also had a lot of time to read, listen to podcasts, pray, and think....I have so many responsibilities at home that keep my days getting away is definitely needed.  

Getting out of the daily context of my life helps me to re-evaluate and make sure things are running the way I want them to.  I try to live life very intentionally, but sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees (so to speak).  Taking a vacation from daily life is a great way to see the forest, once again.  

I am still processing a lot of what I discovered during my introspective time, but it was definitely refreshing.  

One thing I rediscovered is how thankful I am to homeschool my kids.  We could not have gone on this trip if they were in school.  Having the flexibility to travel at obscure times is so great.  

Anyway, I need to re-enter my daily life and get back to reality....I will write again tomorrow......

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