Thursday, October 16, 2014

New York City

Tonight, I am departing for my trip to NYC!!!  I am soooooo excited to visit my sister and enjoy our time together in the greatest city in the world.  I am looking forward to some kid-free time.

I love New York City.  The feel of the city energizes me.  I love the food.  The quirky people.  I love it all.

I am super excited to be going to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  I am a HUGE fan, so this is like winning the lottery.  I've even had 2-3 dreams where Jimmy and I are friends....that's how excited I am.

If I had to list other NYC things I would love to experience (that are so far fetched), these would top the list:
- see Brandon taking pictures of HONY

- take a behind the scenes tour of The Tonight Show

- see a movie being filmed

- land a ride in the Cash Cab (my sister would SO win this)

- see someone famous, in a fun context
One time, my mom was in NYC.  Dick Clark ran into her (on accident).  She was pregnant, at the time.  He put his hands on her belly and said to my dad, "It's not mine."
I would love a cool famous person encounter!  (Nerd alert)

I have written blogs to auto-post while I am gone.
I am breaking the rules of blogging for 31 straight days, but this is a rare opportunity for I will enjoy it to the fullest!!!

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