Saturday, October 4, 2014


While I hope to write mostly new content for my 31 day writing challenge, I am currently in the Florida Keys with my family for the weekend.  While I enjoy relaxing, swimming, tubing, and can enjoy some of my past posts:  

I wrote this post in 2013 in response to the viral blog post that I felt induced unnecessary guilt:  

New mamas, I love you so dearly.  My oldest born's first year was so absolutely hard.  
If you find yourself struggling/defeated/frustrated, I have SO been there....please email me (sarahw56 (at) gmail (dot) com).  I would love to talk to you personally and give you any encouragement I can.  

If I Could Tell You One Thing.....(here is where I am vague to build intrigue, hahaha)

I didn't write The Invisible Mother, but wow, it's so powerful.  

Now your turn.....share with me something good you've read lately.  

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