Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trip to NYC

During my summer of weird, one thing I realized is that I hadn't had a break from my kids in a realllllly long time.  In June 2013, we opened a business, and it has been AWESOME but a TON of work.  My portion of the business work is small, but my home responsibilities increased significantly because of Brett's workload.  He works 6 days a week, so it has left little time for a break (for either of us).

About late August, I was just extremely burned out.  I 100% love our business venture (as does Brett), so I wasn't mad, frustrated, or wishing things were any different.....I was just tired.

I called my sister to ask if I could come visit her for a weekend (I was hoping it would be THAT weekend, but tickets were too expensive).  I love my sister, and I love New York City (where she lives) I knew it would be super fun.  When I called her, she said, "I was just going to call you to ask if you could come up and help me organize my apartment a little."  (Organizing is my love language).

Perfect.  We figured out which weekend would work best with each of our schedules, and I found a super cheap plane ticket.

While discussing what we would do that weekend, I mentioned how it's my dream to see the Tonight Show in person.  I've watched the Tonight Show since I was a kid (I used to fall asleep to it), and I absolutely LOVE Jimmy Fallon.  In my opinion, he's the greatest host ever (on any network).  He genuinely seems to love his job and enjoys interacting with guests.
So about three days after this conversation, @FallonTonight on Twitter announced October tickets would be released that week.  Oh Em Gee!!!!!  When the day came, I anxiously sat by my computer that morning, awaiting the release of the tickets.  And I GOT THEM!!  

To say I was excited for the trip is an understatement:
- I was going to visit my sister without kids (which is always more fun)
- I was going to the Tonight Show
- I love New York City
- I was going ALONE

On the way to the airport (thanks for the ride, Rosa and Hannah):  photo IMG_20141016_195226_zpsxbfgv1qq.jpg trip was last weekend.  And it did not 1% disappoint.  My sister and I had a blast.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.  Fun.  Refreshing.  Good food.  Laughter.

Selfie on the Subway:
 photo 20141017_130544_zpsjhtssjz3.jpg

The Ocean Spray guys were filming. I thought it was really cool!  photo 20141017_132502_zpss8dck5br.jpg

My college friend, Tristan, met up with us for The Tonight Show.  photo IMG_20141017_134356_zps7fz0pmzv.jpg

 photo IMG_20141017_155008_zpsp6nfit0q.jpg

 photo 20141017_154655_zpsbywuucmd.jpg

The Tonight Show was incredible.  The taping lasts well over 2 hours, but it went by SO quickly.  I hated that it flew by, but I had the BEST time.  I am obsessed with television, so it was super cool to see the behind-the-scenes operations.  The guests were Bradley Cooper and Neil Diamond.

The interview with Bradley Cooper could not have been more awesome.  Bradley and Jimmy absolutely lost it and could not stop laughing.  The link shows the uncut version, but it does not show the entire interview.  It was HILARIOUS.  They were so much fun, and Jimmy mentioned how he hadn't laughed like that in years.
I love laughing more than anything, so it was just the most perfect interview.
Jimmy is my absolute favorite.  Just as I previously thought, Jimmy was so genuine and fun.

Seeing the Tonight Show live was one of the coolest experiences of my life.  I even high-fived Jimmy at the end!
 photo 20141023_160440_zps14i945fn.jpg
I'm in the bottom right hand corner (my hair, but my hand isn't shown)....blonde hair, with black and white jacket on.  It faded out right as I was about to high five Jimmy!
 photo 20141023_160503_zps0bmjnf0b.jpg

 photo IMG_20141017_230520_zpstf6pqk2z.jpg

 photo IMG_20141017_230642_zps8gyflj6z.jpg

After the Tonight Show, my sister and I met up with our cousin, Brannon.  I haven't seen her in forever, so that was super fun!
 photo IMG_20141017_230732_zpsom348wbn.jpg

My last night there, we met up with another cousin, Michael.
 photo IMG_20141019_220923_zpsegbitett.jpg

In between, we ate some good food, shopped a bit (though not as much as our usual), and talked a lot.  The trip was soooooo nice.  And I look forward to visiting again!!

 photo IMG_20141018_190202_zpsfij05p4c.jpg

Thanks, May May, for hosting me!!!  The trip was so nice, and I was recharaged to get back home to my family.  (By the time I left, I was less burned out than I had been in the summer, BUT the break was still much needed.)

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