Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day

Each year, Christmas gets more and more fun!
This year, it was just our family of 6.
I cherished it and am so grateful for such happy hearted kids!

Caleb was the first awake...but my kids don't wake up at unreasonable was around 7:30.  I let him wake up the others about 8.
 photo IMG_8306_zps5a4f244c.jpg

 photo IMG_8309_zps2fde881a.jpg

 photo IMG_8310_zps4d089f60.jpg

 photo IMG_8312_zps95831ec2.jpg

 photo IMG_8314_zpsc14099df.jpg

 photo IMG_8317_zps8ce77c7b.jpg

 photo IMG_8320_zps1db3c2f0.jpg

 photo IMG_8321_zpscd481d45.jpg

Our dinner was a steakhouse theme....wedge salad, steak, green beans, fried pickles, homemade rolls, and pie.  So delish!

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