Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve

This year, we decided on a low key Christmas Eve.
We hung out around the house and enjoyed time as a family.

Of course, the jammie elf came for a visit!!

 photo IMG_8272_zpsa7c4fda3.jpg

 photo IMG_8283_zps88577569.jpg

 photo IMG_8284_zpsf923f984.jpg

 photo IMG_8286_zps5dbf63ac.jpg

Chloe was positive she was getting a bunny for Christmas, so she made a house for Bun Buns.
 photo IMG_8288_zpsca3ed1f3.jpg

 photo IMG_8289_zps32091219.jpg

A note for Santa
 photo IMG_8290_zpsda71beed.jpg

Caleb's jammie shirt was too small, so he let Santa know!  photo IMG_8291_zps0c23c107.jpg

 photo IMG_8293_zpsf6e1dd41.jpg

 photo IMG_8296_zpsae876a98.jpg

 photo IMG_8298_zps68955e2d.jpg

 photo IMG_8300_zps104aadab.jpg

 photo IMG_8302_zps985e278a.jpg

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