Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

I cannot say 2014 was my most favorite year.
It was long.  It was hard.  But it was filled with so many awesome moments.

The long and hard was mostly character refinement.  I definitely had a lot to refine (and still do), so while I would not to repeat the year, it was very good for me.  I feel like a much different person at the end of it all.

There were some very significant deaths....both of sweet friends and famous people.  Those were hard and hard to understand.

Our business continues to be a great joy and also a huge learning curve.

And throughout the year, there was so much good.  I got to take three really fun trips and visit friends and family that are deeply valuable to me.  I got to see my husband grow a business and succeed at something he is passionate about.  I cut things out of my life (activities and possessions) that were not bringing life to our create more space for what we love and enjoy.

My most favorite part is I enjoyed my kids so, so much.  They are just so much fun.  This year, sensing a tugging from God, I slowed down the pace of our daily life drastically.  So I had a lot of time with just my four little people.  I liked who I am at a slow pace.  I could linger over endless conversations about Minecraft and party planning.  I could let Caleb stay up reading late into the night.  I could enjoy my sweet girl's art and stop and smell the roses pace of life.  My little boys are not so little, and I snuggled them often.  I laughed at their childishness.  It didn't get in the way of our schedule.  I let my boys be boys.

It wasn't perfect.  It wasn't magical.  It was very daily.  It was very ordinary.  But it was very, very good.

I have a feeling 2015 will be much different.  I obviously don't know.  But I think we may return to a more full schedule.  So, while a lot of tears were shed and a lot of frustrations voiced, I am thankful for 2014.  I am thankful for the slow days and the low key social schedule.  That is not actually how I prefer to live my days, yet I learned so much in the midst.

In 2015, I am hoping to be more purposeful with my days.  To cut out the unnecessary to make room for the great.  I do not know how that will look, but I am excited to find out.

Goodbye, 2014.  You will not be missed.  But you forever changed who I am and the person I want to become.

2015, let's do this.

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