Monday, December 8, 2014

Luke and Levi's room

Last week, I deep cleaned my kids' rooms.
If you're saying to yourself, "she seems to do that a lot," you would be correct.
We had only been home a week, and I got one bag of donations and two bags of trash out of their rooms.  It was awful.

Sometimes when I deep clean, I rearrange their furniture.  It is amazing what I find, and the kids always love the newness!!

As I was doing this to Luke and Levi's room, I thought to myself, "I wonder how much longer I can keep Levi in a crib?!"

Within a very short time, I would have my answer when Levi walked out of his bedroom after laying down for his nap.  He climbed out!!

Levi has been in a crib 6 months longer than any of my other kids, so it was time.  But it was very weird putting away the crib!!

 photo 20141202_184208_zpsdcxcyske.jpg

 photo 20141202_171929_zps7rur3dfx.jpg

 photo 20141202_184217_zpsjn2vscxb.jpg

 photo 20141202_184224_zpsp87bpf9u.jpg

 photo 20141202_185308_zpsmh3rp7we.jpg

 photo 20141202_193148_zpsekfe50xr.jpg

 photo 20141202_193335_zpshpmd6c9n.jpg

 photo 20141202_193347_zpsockdlq2k.jpg

 photo 20141202_193355_zpshovewfub.jpg

 photo 20141202_193516_zps9hyxbv4o.jpg

This was fun to find.  Caleb used to be in this room, so it was fun to find his signature!
 photo 20141202_193308_zpsgmaqs7jl.jpg

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