Monday, December 8, 2014

Visit to Missouri

We spent 11 days in Missouri during November, and it was SO MUCH fun!  I had not been home in 2 years, so I was so grateful to get back there!!

 photo IMG_20141114_225841_zpsemzlhdqg.jpg

 My mom and dad got Caleb hunting apparel so he could go with Brett. I could not handle his preciousness.
 photo 20141115_135249_zpsvj7tsvj9.jpg

 photo 20141115_135254_zpspeixz0kn.jpg

 photo 20141115_135520_zpscatpb59f.jpg

My brother Sam and I:
 photo IMG_20141115_173530_zpsepead8vo.jpg

 photo 20141117_082033_zpsazdedgan.jpg

My dad is such an awesome grandpa!! He played football with my kids, and they had a blast!
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 photo 20141117_210527_zpssf1sdlg6.jpg

 photo 20141117_210638_zpsz335malc.jpg

 photo 20141117_210752_zpszsturbgr.jpg

 photo 20141118_184534_zpsmpvvbv4k.jpg

 photo 20141118_184541_zps1xhkbjgy.jpg

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The fun treasures at grandparents'
 photo 20141119_220322_zpsfdikj60x.jpg

Lunch at London Calling
   photo 20141120_112940_zpsii1g9ino.jpg

 photo 20141120_112948_zpsp8g6tx9h.jpg

 photo 20141120_112957_zpssy3ydrkz.jpg

 photo 20141120_113452_zpsbqnbmbsh.jpg

 photo IMG_20141120_161232_zpshferpwaw.jpg

Larry is my magical stylist. I always go visit him when I am home!  photo 20141117_140231_zpssksmaea5.jpg

This was a joke....he got this cape to be funny. It was the topic of many, many laughs.  photo 20141117_154952_zps4buwzgcc.jpg

 photo 20141117_161034_zpsvspkoo3l.jpg

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 photo 20141117_230358_zpsdtrnh3lw.jpg

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