Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Luke!!

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My sweet Pookers turns 5 today.  Five.  I know every parent says how quickly time flies, but his five years have particularly been very fast.  Lukey, in recent months, has truly become a boy.  No longer a whiny toddler, he has moved into the little boy phase.  And I just love him so much.

Luke and I share a bond.  He and I have the same birth order of our biological siblings.  We are both third children with an older brother and sister and a younger brother.  So while he is stubborn and wild, he is so much like I was as a kid that I am way more entertained by it than bothered by it.

Luke is HILARIOUS.  His words are often inappropriate (mostly potty humor), but he is so, so funny.  And so, so cute.  He still has trouble with some verbal sounds, so his voice is the most precious ever.  (We are, of course, working with him to correct his speech...and none of his struggles are out of the ordinary....for those who are concerned.)

This boy is, by far, my most snuggliest child.  His love language has to be physical touch because he is always touching us.  He is the kid who sits in our laps while we watch TV and requires snuggles before bed.  He burrows in to snuggle as closely as he can.  Which we love.

Luke has the funniest quirks.  He does not like skin or armpits.  Once, he was playing a video game and wouldn't finish the level because there was a character wearing a tank top....and Luke didn't want to get near his armpits.
When Luke lays with Brett or me, he will not touch any skin (except arms).  If Brett has his shirt off, Luke pulls the sheet up.  If part of my stomach is showing, Luke pulls my shirt down.
I don't know why, but this little quirky thing about him makes me laugh!!
This is his biggest quirk, but he definitely has a few (just like his mama).

I am so proud of my Pookers.  He brings so much joy to us.  He is so confident.  So brave.  He is so thoughtful.  Any time he is out with Brett or I for one-on-one time, Luke always thinks about what he can bring back for his siblings.  He is as sweet as he is wild.

Luke is very observant.  He notices the smallest details and is always the first to notice if I change something.  I often wonder how this trait will come into play into his life, because it seems significant.  He has always been very attentive to detail.  If nothing else, it will make him the best husband in the future!!

I am so grateful for Pooker Dookers.  I adore him so very much.  Getting to raise this boy is a great joy, and I treasure him deeply.  

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