Monday, March 23, 2015

Caleb's EPIC Nerf Gun Battle Birthday Party

Caleb wanted to have an Epic Nerf War for his 9th birthday.  He pretty much planned the whole party, and it was a BLAST!!

We invited some of his friends to our warehouse for the Nerf battle.

When I asked Caleb, "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much fun did you have?"
He replied, "TWO HUNDRED!!!!"

Safe to say, the party was a success.  I love the joy birthdays bring my kids!!

Caleb is READY!!
 photo IMG_8718_zpsd1d3642b.jpg

 photo IMG_8723_zpsa0c36b49.jpg

 photo IMG_8732_zpsc3fd4d3b.jpg

The RED team
 photo IMG_8737_zps2e8658c5.jpg

The BLUE team
 photo IMG_8741_zps6d342b82.jpg

 photo IMG_8751_zpsd80aa98d.jpg

 photo IMG_8752_zps0bec0c26.jpg

 photo IMG_8760_zps5f38ce4d.jpg

Chloe prefers gymnastics to Nerf
 photo IMG_8762_zpsf6aa28e0.jpg

 photo IMG_8764_zpsd8162112.jpg

 photo IMG_8776_zps42dc8655.jpg

 photo IMG_8786_zps8052d11c.jpg

 photo IMG_8791_zpsbe0c7e00.jpg

 photo IMG_8799_zps7a990e87.jpg

 photo IMG_8803_zps8027bbc1.jpg

After a few rounds of Nerf battles, the kids took a break for cake and drinks!
 photo IMG_8826_zpsc77b1b50.jpg

 photo IMG_8829_zpsb302db27.jpg

 photo IMG_8845_zpscb3f8f6c.jpg

 photo IMG_8847_zpse8426f3d.jpg

 photo IMG_8854_zps178ae11f.jpg

 photo IMG_8862_zps2348e0ab.jpg

 photo IMG_8868_zpsd2321757.jpg

 photo IMG_8877_zps1eb0023c.jpg

 photo IMG_8885_zps4b70c9e0.jpg

 photo IMG_8891_zps297bcd4c.jpg

 photo IMG_8894_zpsbadedd51.jpg

 photo IMG_8898_zps1ed2f385.jpg

 photo IMG_8914_zpsf2aee938.jpg

 photo IMG_8916_zpse78a4782.jpg

 photo IMG_8921_zpsf0b0e09f.jpg

 photo IMG_8928_zpsce21b87e.jpg

 photo IMG_8939_zps36f2ac41.jpg

 photo IMG_8940_zps3dad0ca7.jpg

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