Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lynn Knights

Brett trains the Lynn University Lacrosse team, so we love to go to their games.
Chloe and Luke were picked to participate in the Geico Gecko halftime game. They loved it and won the coolest geckos!!

 photo IMG_20150328_200417_zps6dxd2q8e.jpg

 photo IMG_20150328_201843_zpsma43m8gr.jpg

 photo 20150328_194341_zps7o6ij8wz.jpg

 photo 20150328_195008_zpsw3qaavka.jpg

 photo 20150328_195019_zpsj9dienoe.jpg

 photo 20150328_195157_zpsqj1kfqyy.jpg

 photo 20150328_195238_zpsdtacixp4.jpg

 photo 20150328_195302_zpsrqaamnxl.jpg

 photo 20150328_195326_zpshxdfhh56.jpg

 photo 20150328_195454_zpss1620zwn.jpg

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