Monday, August 17, 2015

The Keys

We took a few trips to the Keys this summer, and we absolutely love it!!
Brett can't always go, but he did get to go once!!

A dream realized (thanks to $2 at the Salvation Army)  photo E087D485-EDE6-4FC3-8A84-05B27D9AC591_zpsgtiwapzc.jpg

 My kids LOVE Subzero:
 photo BF8DC292-23C6-49D0-B27B-09FCC303FD02_zpsdbfd2zt8.jpg

 photo DA4F9F73-2BF7-429C-8BAC-4E76EBEE9200_zpsrj9ysy6t.jpg

What grandparents do
 photo B396C1EE-75F7-4BFA-93B4-13F39CA062B8_zpsbtmlgruw.jpg

 photo 83A61F62-97DD-432D-99B9-9B4C90D472F3_zpsyezdmui1.jpg

 photo E3A4DF5B-9A4D-4C5F-B0E9-618C4E0AC989_zpsbtcfsoff.jpg

 photo 4745BBFC-5B36-4EC6-B1F7-D08FC0F1AEC9_zpspnbxzwrc.jpg

 photo 6C5471BE-F094-490E-8C78-E2DF16BBA8D8_zpsaa1hduyt.jpg

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