Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Sports

Luke played t-ball and tolerated it. He did not love it.
Caleb played flag football and loved it.
Chloe dances, but parents don't go in the I have no pictures!

 photo IMG_9871_zpsjn5eygwo.jpg

 photo IMG_9890_zpsbuu1zhum.jpg

 photo IMG_9924_zpswng8ouyu.jpg

 photo IMG_9920_zpsfbpsspu8.jpg

 photo IMG_9912_zpslmoe65sg.jpg

 photo IMG_2241_zpsjqxbnkku.jpg

 photo IMG_2247_zps5kfpdpwm.jpg

The supporting cast:
 photo IMG_9931_zpsdifdi7pg.jpg

 photo IMG_9934_zpsytlbhbmv.jpg

 photo IMG_9945_zpsypfrybir.jpg

 photo IMG_9936_zpszi9c7tib.jpg

 photo IMG_9938_zps58jtxbi6.jpg

 photo IMG_9944_zpsljifdnsq.jpg

 photo IMG_9958_zpskuwqusmw.jpg

 photo IMG_9959_zpsufd3wkwm.jpg

 photo IMG_2250_zpsql8cpl15.jpg

 photo IMG_0020_zpspiyj9eu8.jpg

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