Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Candids

This little chubby Cubby loves Awanas!
 photo 38B1FCF2-D7DC-4B30-832C-D6126A678D11_zpsfgpszfca.jpg

This was a meme that Chloe recreated! LOL!!
 photo B9CDCEE8-1EF6-4E49-A6B3-C29DF67C2A4E_zpsn1fde1rj.jpg
 photo 75F1950A-BBA3-4173-9F51-ED4C402712E6_zpsokjzrtop.jpg

I used to do this terrible dance move. Luke and Chloe make fun of me all the time! Haha! photo 8C7ED8B3-4FE5-4A9B-9164-3BB99D7C1EB1_zpsm1yxonja.jpg

 photo 24B869B9-51A1-4305-8192-C9CC4504F2A9_zpslmslr9uy.jpg

Apex Christmas Party
 photo 25AD46D9-1C9C-47C8-81DE-8DBAD0EA63C6_zpsnprwwfc4.jpg

 photo BA76B3B3-D64C-4F9C-A69A-7E59A86FA700_zpskdds6huu.jpg

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