Monday, December 28, 2015

My Kids Are Funny

Caleb, when asked to eat his dinner with a fork instead of his hands:
"I'm not Queen Elizabeth."

"Let's just say Miriam and John got divorced."
- Caleb's solution to Joseph missing from our Nativity set

"For my 9th birthday, will you throw me a surprise party? I want to pick the theme and who to invite. Then I'll forget all about it so you can surprise me. But if I don't forget about it, we will just call it a party."
- Chloe (11 months away from her birthday)

Would you rather have $5 or go to jail for 5 minutes and get a million bucks?

Me: Go to jail, obviously.

C: What would you do with all those deer?

Me: blank stare

C: I said bucks. You'd have one million deer. 

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