Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Last Photo Dump of 2015

Chloe has been BEGGING for a dog all year. This showed up under my door one morning.
 photo chloedog_zpse4fsg5aw.jpg

Inside Out characters. By Chloe.
 photo inside out_zps6vfz9oss.jpg

This girl LOVES fishing with her dad!
 photo chloefish_zpshkikwjrv.jpg

She lost her front tooth!!
 photo chloetooth_zpsezi7w3yz.jpg

We went to the Keys for Thanksgiving.
 photo keys1_zpsf3mwrara.jpg

My parents 40th Anniversary (how awesome is that!)
 photo family1_zps5cnhejhz.jpg

A Noonday Collection show at the Office Depot Foundation
 photo noondayrosa_zpsatcy5kfd.jpg

Rosa and I at the Apex Christmas party
 photo pic1_zps1ekef3tf.jpg

Sand angels on Christmas Eve
 photo sandangels_zpswsmbdeqz.jpg

Luke and his chair bear, Spanky
 photo spanky_zpsftkmnfek.jpg

Chloe put these in the window of the car where she sits.
 photo window_zpsc2kgzmma.jpg

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