Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Luke.

This boy. He is so awesome. Luke is such a snuggler, and I love how he buries himself into Brett and me. He mostly prefers to snuggle his daddy with his "big fat belly", as Luke likes to say! This kid is honest...beyond honest. He tells it like it is. Which is somehow endearing. I think it's because he is so funny when he is brutally honest. But on the flip side, he gives the sweetest compliments...and you know he means what he says. He will tell me if I look pretty and that he loves me.

Luke and I share the same birth order in our families, and we also share many of the same characteristics. He is stubborn and tenacious, like his mama. And he loves to laugh. He does this deep belly laugh that is so awesome. Every time he starts laughing and can't stop, it makes me laugh, as well.

 photo IMG_9920_zpsfbpsspu8.jpg

Luke brings so much fun to our family. He keeps things lively and fun.
One thing we all laugh about is he will say things like,
"You're such a show off."
"You think you're so fancy."
And it is so hilarious.

 photo 6CA482F7-3288-43F0-BD03-AD5AE88D8023_zpsrl443uyt.jpg

This year, Luke started school...and he is an awesome student. He gets his work done quickly and learns fast.

 photo IMG_9801_zpsm4a8lbjd.jpg

I am so proud of my Pookers. Every night before bed, he requires me to sing his song ("I love you, Pookers...") and tell him a story about when I was a kid. He also pretends like his eyes are too wet to fall I have to stay longer and tuck him in.

I adore my sweet, spunky boy. He is so wildly awesome. He is all boy and loves to fight Caleb. But then he loves to hug and snuggle close.

I cannot believe my boy is six.
Happy birthday, sweet Luke.

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