Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016, so far

I am so behind on my family blog. Which is my constant excuse.
I was sick for about 3-4 weeks, and it was so miserable. I got behind on everything.
We've also traveled a ton, so I can't keep up.

The highlight of my travels so far was when I went to Austin for a Noonday conference. It was such an amazing weekend, and I had an absolute blast!! My roommates were beyond amazing, and it was just the best.

We've gone to Brett's parents a few times for various things, and we've gone to the Keys (my fave).

The first two months of this year have flown by, and I barely feel like I've kept my head above water. Besides being sick, our days are so, so good. It's been a somewhat restful season of life. Our business has been a lot of work because we've made some major transitions in how we are doing it. And I am always growing on the bookkeeping side of things. It's all for the better, but it has been taxing. Besides that, though, our days are pretty laid back. I feel like we haven't been as social as usual, which is due in part because of how sick I was. It was just a bad cold, but I couldn't shake it.

We celebrated Luke's birthday. We had a low key playdate with cake and friends. Chloe made him a birthday table which was super sweet.

Caleb turns ten later this week, and my mom is taking he and I to New York City to celebrate!!

Life is passing by so much faster than I can keep up with. I hate how fast time passes, but I am loving life so much. Our kids are in such a great phase right now. They're so easy to take anywhere and still young enough to like me!

I am so beyond grateful for this life I get to live. It just keeps getting better!

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