Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, Caleb

10. Double digits.
I can hardly believe it.

Caleb is who made me a mom, so I am always so emotional about his birthdays.
Part of me feels like he was born yesterday, but he mostly feels like he's been in my life forever.

I adore this awesome boy. He is so much like his daddy. His first born personality makes me smile. He is so careful and thoughtful. He cares about right and wrong. He is maturing and getting more adventurous, but he always weighs his decisions. I like this about him.

 photo IMG_0070_zpsqwkthrt3.jpg

Caleb is into all things boy. He loves throwing the football and shooting hoops. He and I hang out in the driveway a lot playing sports. He recently became a Cam Newton fan and dabs at any opportunity. (Even when he coughs into his elbow!) Caleb is also into Minecraft and Madden...and looks forward to video game days!

 photo IMG_9307_zpsmxmjggyy.jpg

Caleb has the most incredible wit of any ten year old I know. His cerebral comedy is perfectly timed and so on point. He is so so so funny. I am seriously impressed by his timely wit. It's not always kind, but it's always amazing.

 photo 058CE713-C4BB-4B16-BACD-C3094AEBF60A_zpswtbbuf6k.jpg

I am so grateful for this amazing boy. I always wonder what he will be when he grows up. He has such a sharp mind and doesn't miss anything. I know whatever he becomes, he is a gift to this world.

Happy birthday, Dig Dug. I love you so much!

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