Saturday, June 25, 2016

Caleb's 10th Birthday In New York City!!

Chicken wings in the airport!
 photo IMG_4868_zpsk0lqbqsw.jpg

 photo IMG_4872_zpsz4p6lrtx.jpg

 photo IMG_4879_zpsgteypl27.jpg

 photo IMG_4883_zpsjumnwm98.jpg

 photo IMG_4890_zpshweyv647.jpg

 photo IMG_4906_zpsk5qh5egf.jpg

Staten Island Ferry!!
 photo IMG_4921_zpsjp8wz2p8.jpg

 photo IMG_4965_zpsuai8wnrv.jpg

 photo IMG_5014_zpsro8jmm96.jpg

 photo IMG_5019_zpsyykfp15u.jpg

 photo IMG_5052_zpsmvmliu0u.jpg

 photo IMG_5066_zpsosggtafd.jpg

 photo IMG_5068_zpsisgbop45.jpg

 photo IMG_5080_zps8b7kdnbg.jpg

Times Square
 photo IMG_5098_zpst94qexup.jpg

The awe and wonder...
 photo IMG_5103_zps48euohbx.jpg

 photo IMG_5110_zpsos4ja6ep.jpg

 photo IMG_5120_zpslvnmzwnn.jpg

 photo IMG_5123_zpsnoxky1cq.jpg

 photo IMG_5132_zpswiu0uiaj.jpg

 photo IMG_5154_zpsilysppgl.jpg

Brooklyn Nets Game
 photo IMG_5160_zps959cid2n.jpg

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