Saturday, June 25, 2016

Noonday Shine

I (Sarah) went to Austin, TX for Shine...a conference put on by Noonday.
It was absolutely awesome!!

I had the best, most fun roommates. We had a blast together.
I learned to use Uber. And ate lots of tacos.
I learned a ton about business and fashion.
And I got to meet friends I felt like I've known forever!

 photo IMG_4260_zps9ancylsk.jpg

 photo IMG_4174_zpsq2nfgqwd.jpg

 photo IMG_4172_zpszedbvwmn.jpg

 photo IMG_4153_zpssnumdry6.jpg

 photo IMG_4144_zpstunyqwxx.jpg

 photo IMG_4189_zps0wmp8nub.jpg

 photo IMG_4191_zps0qo4c1km.jpg

 photo IMG_4195_zps9fxlvepm.jpg

 photo IMG_4254_zpspfkpfa2s.jpg

 Goofing off with Sarah Arnett
 photo IMG_4227_zpsiyru9tr6.jpg

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