Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Ultimate Catch Up!

I will be posting pictures to show what we've been up to during the first half of this year! It's been an awesome and busy year.

Our business is still going strong, and we pretty much reinvented our entire business...dropping CrossFit and starting a new type of fitness program. It's been stretching but good.

On my professional blog, one of my blog posts went viral...getting nearly 250,000 views. It was so much fun and completely crazy!! It doesn't really change anything about my life, but it was a great moment.

Brett and I celebrated our 11th anniversary with a staycation at home without our kids. It was pretty low key but just what we love! I can't believe we've been together for over a decade!

We finished our 5th year of homeschooling, and it was a great year!! We are getting into a great groove, and it's been fun. I love seeing how close my kids are. And they continue to learn so much.

Caleb and I celebrated his 10th birthday in NYC. It was beyond awesome (I will catch up on that in another post).

After years of begging, Chloe finally got a dog named Ace. And he is perfect for our family. He's been a great fit. I am happy about that, and she is soooooooo excited to have a dog!

We've been to the Keys numerous times. Always a good time.

Brett's had a couple of cousins get married.

We have had awesome family memories this year, and we laugh constantly. Everyone is this family is so funny. Caleb has wit well beyond his years...that impresses me often. Chloe loves to tell slapstick jokes. Luke doesn't try to be funny but totally is...saying the most blunt things. Levi loves to entertain so goofs off to get laughs.

I am so thankful for my family. Each year gets better and better. My kids are a blast to be around. Luke and Caleb fight a lot. Chloe and Levi scream a lot. Besides that, though, they're so fun! I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have such a great family. They bring me so much joy.

This summer is flying by, and I am hoping to make the most out of the summer. We are headed to Canada this summer...without Brett :(. But we cannot wait for the trip!

Oh, I started working with PeopleTek...a job I prayed for and thought was not even realistic. I can still homeschool and get to work! I love it!

Life is good. Going too fast. But so so good!

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