Monday, July 11, 2016

The First Sunset of the Rest of My Life

God said so. Seasons of change are coming!
I took this picture after a very hard, very long day (and summer).
God said, "This is the first sunset of the rest of your life."

The very next day, I got published on the Huffington Post.  photo IMG_6947_zpsxnsge0c4.jpg

God. He's just so great.

This summer was the hardest of my life. We were sick for many days. Many, many things in our house broke. Our business was in a down time. It was overwhelming, exhausting, and hard.

Things haven't fully changed, but I am expectant that a new season of reprieve and joy is coming.

In all things, God is faithful.

My biggest writing dream (HuffPo) came true right after He spoke this. And I know more awesome things from the Lord are coming.

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