Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bedtime Routines

Bedtime is super important to me. It's a time to spend a few minutes with each child. I like to end the day on a positive note.

Levi is usually exhausted from VPK, so I lay with him first. First, he talks about his day. His speech is not fully developed, so I don't always know what he is saying. He HATES going to Chuck E. Cheese, but every single night asks for a story about Chuck E. Cheese. These are mostly made up, but he loves hearing all about my tales of Chuck E. Then, I sing, "I Love You, Lord," and pray. He goes to bed easily.

Luke snuggles in as closely as possible. He will NOT fall asleep until I've laid with him. He will throw a huge fit if I take a night off. We talk and snuggle. He makes me laugh and does silly things...and also asks serious questions...but only wants short answers. Long answers make him regret asking. LOL! I tell him a story about when I was a kid; he picks the topic. He will always come up with an obscure story topic (you were in school and pooped in your pants and got were swimming and a shark bit you...) and ask, "Did it really happen?" before I start the story.

Chloe and Caleb usually want to be laid with together. They talk about the day and tease each other. They're getting to the stage where they ask deeper questions. It's great. We talk for awhile. They try to prolong my stay by playing with my hair. It always works. I pray then sing their songs. Caleb's is "Your Kindness Leads Us To Repentance" and Chloe's is "Sanctuary".

My kids all stay up pretty late, but they sleep great! It just takes awhile to wind down.

I love bedtime!! It's the highlight of my day!

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