Monday, October 24, 2016

Conversation with Caleb

Me to Caleb: You are such an awesome kid.

Caleb: I am.

Me: Was that a statement or a question?

Before he can answer...

Me: Was that declarative or interrogative?

C: Mom, please don't.

Me: I am your mom and your teacher.

C: You are my mom and a non-avid book reader.

Me: {puzzled by this observation}

C: Mom, I read your blog books. I first started reading because I was curious what you wrote, but once I started it was...(breaking out into song)...A WHOLE NEW WORLD! Now I know everything about you.

You all know I write a public blog, but I also have a private blog where I record my family's history (funny things they say, pictures, etc). Before I wrote publicly, I would write on my personal blog to no one but myself. I print it off each year...expecting my kids to enjoy it when they're grown...not to use it against me while they're still little.

This kid and his wit are my favorite.

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