Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was predicted to be a Cat 4 Hurricane and hit south FL directly.
Fortunately, by the grace of God, it stayed east and didn't make landfall.
We evacuated to St. Pete, though, so we could avoid the potential hurricane!

 photo IMG_8247_zpshoqebhon.jpg

 photo IMG_8272_zpsg0ojwhvd.jpg

 photo IMG_8270_zps8q2edryg.jpg

 photo IMG_8269_zpswx5ywhyb.jpg

 photo IMG_4684_zpsaximkybr.jpg

 photo IMG_4677_zpss1v9ij0k.jpg

 photo IMG_4672_zpsokjp8avg.jpg

 photo IMG_4670_zps8f0tyi9q.jpg

 photo IMG_4669_zpst6a07zev.jpg

 photo IMG_4668_zpsxsclex0u.jpg

 photo IMG_4663_zpsnpeqo1jk.jpg

 photo IMG_4659_zpsjdb325d7.jpg

 photo IMG_8246_zps2k4psxyp.jpg

 photo IMG_8244_zpsk2wjk607.jpg

 photo IMG_8240_zpsbmymqfwk.jpg

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